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Recycled Materials

Recycled Materials

With paper production having such a negative impact on our planet and being one of the main causes of deforestation, Invert aims to reduce the use of “new” paper to the maximum, thus uses recycled paper in all of its production (labels, boxes, cards, etc ...)

Here are some statistics: 

  • Paper recycling requires 30% of the electric energy and 70% of the water that would normally be needed for its production from wood.

  • Paper can be recycled up to 11 times in different types of cardboard

  • The global disappearance of tropical forests contributes about 4.8 billion tons of carbon dioxide per year.

  • We need to cut 17 large trees to produce a ton of paper.

  • The land is being deforested at the rate of 6.5 million hectares per year.

  • To produce a ton of paper, approximately 115,000 liters of water are needed.

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