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Since 2016, Lisbon

Invert was founded in 2016 in Portugal, a beautiful country “à beira mar plantado” by two friends at the age of 16. We wanted to create our own clothing brand. The nature, the ocean, the landscapes, the music, the people and Portugal... all of this gave us the inspiration to start Invert.

Our first collection was launched in 2016, and since then Invert has kept growing.

We don’t like to complicate things. So, as long as you are free to surf and hang out with your friends, we're cool. Actually, thats where we fit in.

Sustainability & Made in Portugal

Invert stands against fast fashion and major fashion logistics that harms not only the environment, but also people.

Our suppliers are grounded in the North of Portugal. Our country has one of the best textile industries in the world. So, producing in Portugal is a synonym of great quality. By producing in Portugal, we established a close and transparent relationship with our suppliers. This relationship allows us a better control of the production process and ensures us that all the work is ethically supplied.

Besides, we do all we can to minimize our environmental impact, by using organic materials and textil leftovers on our production process. 

In conclusion, from the design, to the point where the cloth is in the client's hands, all the processes are environmentally friendly and made with all the love, by the very best Portuguese textile hands.

The Team

Initially, Invert was founded by two friends at the age of 16 that thought it would be cool to launch a brand for their friends and family to enjoy. Then, the brand started to grow and, consequently, the team started to increase, always aiming to deliver the best and coolest Portuguese clothes to you. Here is a photo of us, from the last collection photoshoot.